A Jersey Guy's Excellent Adventure in China


Surrounded by Rubble and Atheism, Chinese Celebrate Easter Sunday (0)

I went to church on Easter Sunday, which is noteworthy because I’m an agnostic Jew living in an officially atheist country. Out of curiosity, I joined my fellow teachers Amos and Jennifer at a non-denominational Christian church a few miles from our university in Zhengzhou. The church is surrounded by piles of rubble from recently… Read More ›

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I Almost Had a Great Fall on the Great Wall (1)


  My first steps on the Great Wall at Mutianyu were almost my last. After taking a cable car up to the start of the ancient wall – you can also walk to that point, a climb that takes about 30 minutes — Pat and I started descending some steep brick steps. It was a… Read More ›

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General Tso Wouldn’t Like His Namesake Chicken (0)


Don’t bother looking for chop suey, General Tso’s chicken or egg rolls on your typical Chinese menu. They’re all American versions of Chinese food that most people here have never heard of. When I came to Zhengzhou last year, I looked in vain for some of my favorite “Chinese’’ dishes. I quickly learned that, like… Read More ›

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Listening to Ear-Shattering Grindcore, Lame Karaoke (1)


From karaoke to grindcore, I experienced the extremes of Chinese music yesterday. I started out by visiting a KTV (Karaoke Television) club with a Chinese student I know and seven of her friends. KTVs are popular hangouts where you rent a room with karaoke equipment and sing along with music videos that play on a… Read More ›


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